Welcome, friends!

I’m Alyssa Carlson, and I’m on a journey to put an end to bullying. No matter what brought you here, I’m glad you’re here!

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the ‘80s where I attended a private grade school and junior high. Unfortunately that’s also where I experienced prolonged bullying by my classmates. Just stepping on the bus each morning gave me anxiety because I knew what my day would be like – name calling, teasing, alienation, laughing, whispering. All of it made me want to be invisible.

But now years later, I’m putting myself out front in the hope that no other child spends their days thinking that this behavior is OK. So that no other child grows up thinking their situation is hopeless. So that no other child cries themselves to sleep at night.

In this space, you’ll find ways to share, listen, explore and educate. With all of these resources, I believe we can create a positive change.

Please join me on this journey. Let’s start talking and stop bullying!

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