Hey friends!

I wanted to take a second to share a quote with you. I saw it the other day, and I wanted to share it in hopes that will brighten someone’s day.

“Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe, and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable, anxious and scared, and you’ve survived it. Breathe and know you can survive this, too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll back on this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise, this will pass.”

Everyone goes through painful times in their lives, but we must remember to breathe and believe that it will get better. It always does.


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