Don’t Give Up!

Think about all the people you look up to. Athletes, musicians, artists, actors, directors, authors, teachers, your parents. Every single one of them had to overcome some type of pain, adversity, challenge. They all had to adjust their sails in order to make it through, and in order to keep going after what they wanted out of life. My favorite singer/songwriter is Bob Dylan. When he first started, people thought his voice was awful, his writing was “odd.” He faced all sorts of judgements, adversity and challenge. Take Martin Luther King, Jr. Look at all the challenges he faced on a daily basis. He had pain every single day, both emotional and physical. How about Anne Frank? In all of that pain her and her family had to go through, she still “believed people are really good at heart.” She kept the most positive attitude and smile on her face everyday.

What do you think would have happened if any of these people would have given up? What if one day, they said, “you know what, this is just too much for me. I don’t want to deal with this anymore. I give up.” Think of all the songs we would be missing out on, not just from Mr. Dylan himself, but also from everyone he inspired along the way. What if Mr. King had given up? Think of what a mess this world would still be in, and how many people would never have learned how to dream. And, Anne Frank. She inspired more people than any of us will ever realize.

Each one of those people started out just like you and me. They were just doing what they believed in, being exactly who they are, not backing down, and definitely not giving up. Look at all the people they inspired and encouraged along the way. What if they had thrown in the towel? Where would this world be? Luckily, we will never know.

Don’t give up. Just because it’s stormy now, doesn’t mean the sun won’t come out. Eventually every storm passes and everything clears up. And when it does, you will surprise even yourself. I promise. Keep believing that everything will be OK, and keep believing in yourself. Always.

Chat soon, friends.