Suicide Prevention at the Capitol

Y’all! Guys! Gals! Friends! Super exciting news to share! Eek! Yesterday, I was invited to the MN State Capitol to speak to Senators and Representatives about bullying and suicide prevention. I was going to post this last night, but needed some time to process all of the sweet goodness I experienced!

I met with so many wonderful people, shared my story and used my voice to help pass several bills. Just a little brief synopsis of the bills I talked about:

SF 804/HF 62: Fund Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Crisis Services
-To keep crisis lines open to anyone who is in need of immediate support and needs counseling over the phone

SF 1229/HF 1340: Ensure Mental Health Parity
-Existing state parity laws require all health plans to comply with the federal parity law, meaning that treatment limitations to mental health and substance use benefits must be comparable to and applied no more stringently than those applied to medical or surgical benefits.

SF 734/HF 813: Fund Suicide Prevention Training for Teachers
-Funds a grant for FY20 to offer interactive online training on suicide prevention and engaging students experiencing mental distress to teachers in every school district, charter school, intermediate school district in MN.

SF 83/HF 12: Prohibit Conversion Therapy
-Prohibit mental health practitioners and professionals from engaging in conversion therapy with minors or vulnerable adults.

This was absolutely one of the most incredible, life-changing experiences I have ever had. I feel so honored to have had this opportunity to meet so many amazing people who want to help make a difference. Sharing my story with senators, legislators, etc., is something that I will never forget. Mental health therapy and counseling should be something that should be covered in ALL health insurance plans. I know people who suffer from depression, but their insurance doesn’t cover therapy. It should be the same as when you break an arm and need that to be healed.  I am looking forward to more meetings with them, and look forward to creating lasting change and help for everyone who needs it. We are going win this battle. I have faith that we will. Friends, I’m using my voice to help YOU!

Be kind to someone today,


With Senator Pappas

Rep. Nick Zerwas

What I’m listening to:

“Awakening” by Amanda Lindsey Cook

“Counting Every Blessing” by Rend Collective

“Girl” by Maren Morris