United States Capitol

Hey friends! Guess where I am right now? Give up? The US Capitol in Washington, DC. I was given the amazing opportunity to be here to speak about suicide prevention and let me tell you–this was absolutely incredible. To be here, to talk to survivors, people who lost loved ones, people who are trying to make a difference–it’s beyond words. Today, I stood up for the loss of my friend, the loss of friends’ loved ones, the survivors, the ones who didn’t survive…I’m here to speak for them. To use my voice to try to prevent this from happening to anyone else ever again. I don’t ever want another mother to get a phone call from a police officer telling her that her daughter died by suicide. I don’t ever want another brother to have to live his life without his brother and spend his life thinking “I should have called him more. I should have done something. I should have seen the signs.” I don’t want anyone to have to feel alone or that the only way out is suicide. It is NOT a way out. This has to stop. This world definitely has its problems and people divided, but here, today, I met people who share the same goal and that is to love and care about others. To remind them that you are not alone and you matter. And really, what is more beautiful than spreading that message? It’s something we ALL can do. So the question is, why don’t we? Xoxo

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