Let’s talk self-care, friends. I feel like this is the buzzword lately, and it’s EVERYWHERE. Literally. You have to take care of yourself, in any way you can, right? Self-care, self-love, etc, etc. Do you recognize the trend here? Self. It’s all about the self. Which, don’t get me wrong, focusing on yourself is great, especially when you’re stressed or going through something difficult. We all need time for “self”. But, I think this can get dangerous when we focus too much on self.

I was reading my morning devotional, and it pointed out what God says: “You’ve overcomplicated it; serve others to change yourself.” *mind blown*

I mean, in a time where the word “self” is thrown about everywhere, we have forgotten our center. Our core. What we were created for: serving others. Now, I’m not saying to just forget about yourself and just let yourself go. No way, Jose! You have to take care of yourself, take responsibility for your life/words/actions/behaviors, but the heart of all of us should be to serve others. In serving, helping and reaching out a hand to others, we in turn help ourselves.

This world has its dark side, and it’s been incredibly apparent lately. Every day my phone goes off with new updates on a shooting somewhere. Somewhere there’s someone who has so much hate in their hearts that they have turned to violence. What if we just took time each day to spread kindness and love? Maybe I’m a dreamer and naïve, but I truly, TRULY believe that could change the world. If each person felt loved and heard—that could be a revolution. If we all turned ourself into others, that would change so many things/people/lives.

I know when I’m having a bad day, when I’m crabby and just want to cry, all it takes is one person to reach out and say “hey, hope you have a good day today!” or “I’m thinking of you!” Seriously, sometimes that’s all it takes.

When we have hate in our hearts, where do we turn? I think we all could use a heart-check. Check where you turn to when you’re angry, sad, upset, hurt. If it’s taking that out on other people, take that to God instead. He will calm you and help you. That’s our center. If everyone felt that same kind of love and acceptance, this world would be such an amazing place.

What if, this week, we just took two minutes out of each day to do one random act of kindness towards someone else? Buy someone coffee. Send a kind text. Offer to dog sit so someone can have a day to themselves. Call up a family member you haven’t talked to in a while just to see how they’re doing. I promise that is one thing you will never regret. Kindness is never something you will regret. God will reward you, and you never know how a kind word can change someone’s entire day.

Ask God to give you an opportunity to serve someone, and serve Him. You will never regret being kind.

And, just so you know—I love you all!


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