Hey friends. It’s been pretty hectic around here lately with school and studying! Sorry for being a bit MIA lately.

I wanted to talk about the word authentic. This word came up this morning in my quiet time, and it really stuck with me so I prayed more about it and what God was trying to tell me about it. Here’s what was pressed upon my heart: stop trying to fit a mold of those you’re around just to be liked, and start being your authentic self, the one I created you to be.

Wow! I mean, yeah, I know that’s what we should all do, but sometimes when I’m with people I don’t know, my immediate action is to try to fit in…mostly because I did it for so long that it has just become a habit for me. But, I’m done with that. I’m not here to fit in–no one is! That’s the beauty of being an individual; we are all so different that it’s beautiful! What a boring place this would be if we were all the same, right?

So, this morning I talked out loud to God and literally said “I am going to fully be the person You created me to be. The quirky, nerdy (in a good way!), weird, goofy me. And if someone doesn’t like it, then oh well.”

If you don’t know me, I can be pretty quirky. I talk to myself sometimes. I love going to tacky gift/souvenir shops and spending hours in them looking at stuff other people might think are “junk”–to me, I love that stuff. I love going to the zoo and channeling my inner five year old, and buying something to commemorate it. I love zoning out on coloring books and geeking out over new gel pens to use. I love Lookout Mountain/Rock City in TN like crazy. I love trinkets. I love buying school supplies. I love flowers. I love watching my favorite childhood movie over and over again and feeling like I did that first time I ever saw when I was little. I love going to county fairs, state fairs, eating way too much junk food at them (hello cotton candy and corn dogs!). I love touristy things. Road trips. Traveling. I love buying an abundance of blank journals, even though I have a stack of them waiting for me at home (best gift ever, btw). I love autographs. I love getting excited over little things–seeing a rainbow, a cardinal, a bluebird, a super cool thrift-store find (I LOVE thrifting!). I love being giddy with excitement and squealing like a little kid. Basically, I am still a kid. But you know what, I like that about me. And I don’t ever want that to go away. I used to hide parts of that because I thought people would judge me or think I was “weird”. But you know what? If those things make me weird, then I’m proud to be weird. This is part of who I am and I like it! No more hiding, holding back or being scared of what others will think…because, the ones who are meant to be in your life, will stay no matter how quirky you are. They will accept those things about you.

Instead of talking about the things we don’t like about ourselves, I thought I would take a second to talk about some of the things I do like about myself. I would love to hear the things you like about yourself, too! Shoot me a message, and let’s build each other up. I’m for you ❤


What I’m listening to:
“Light On,” Maggie Rogers
“Beyond,” Leon Bridges
“The Man,” Taylor Swift (her entire Lover album, tbh)

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