Gratitude turns anxiety into joy. Gratitude turns darkness into light. I’ve been focusing on this a lot the last couple of months, and it’s so cool. At the end of each day, I like to sit down before I have my nightly Date With God, and list out my joys/highlights of my day. Usually, when I tell myself I just need to think of one, I end up thinking of about 15! When you really stop and think about things, there really is a lot to be thankful for. And since it’s Thanksgiving time, what better time to count our blessings! I thought I’d share some of mine (though I’m sure if you’re reading this, you might not even care), but my hope is to try to get you to think of what you’re thankful for!

  1. God. This is a no-brainer, but sometimes we can take Him for granted. Or, worse yet, not really even acknowledge Him in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes we think of Him when things get hard or dark, but then kind of forget about our dependence on Him when things are going well. I am forever thankful for what He’s done for me in my life, and what he continues to do now and in the future!
  2. My family. We are so close, and no matter what happens in life, where we live, etc, we always will be. And I love that. We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin, and I am glad God gave me them!
  3. My friends. I couldn’t do life without friends. I’ve never really had friends until a couple years ago, so it’s new for me. Whether we talk every day, every month, when we can…I love knowing I can call them up and chat about anything and everything.
  4. Choices. I hate making decisions-everyone knows this about me. BUT, I am grateful that I get to make I know how lucky I am and I don’t ever want to take any of it for granted.
  5. Opportunity. The fact that I have opportunities to do things, travel, help people…makes me super thankful. Helping people is part of my core, who I am…without that, I wouldn’t be me. I am thankful I can help others—whether it’s making them soup (ok, bringing them soup, because come on…me making homemade soup? I don’t think so) when they’re sick, sending a gift, spreading encouragement…this world is hard enough. Why not try to brighten it a little bit?

Find joy in the little things, too. Having a car to drive. A phone to use. Running water. A stove to cook food. A bed to sleep in. Shower. Clothes to wear. Even in the dark times, it’s really hard to see things to be thankful for. Trust me, I know. It’s HARD. But, if you can, try to start a tiny little gratitude ritual every day. It will change your life.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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Also, “Daylight,” Taylor Swift


Paying It Foward!

Hey, friends! You know how you know you have amazing friends? When you look at your phone and have an audio text message from one with a prayer. I just got one of those and oh man! It literally brightened my day. I wanted to share and pay it forward by letting you all know how worthy you are, too.

When society is telling you, you are too fat. Too thin. Too quiet. Too loud. Too strong. Too weak. Too courageous. Too fearful. Too anxious. Too bold. Whatever it is, you are enough. Just as you are. Right now. Not a year from now when you’ve lost ten pounds. Not when you’ve graduated college and landed a job. Not when you have x-amount of dollars in the bank account. Right now, this very moment, you are enough. (and FYI—you are not anxiety. You have anxiety, but you are NOT anxiety. It is not your identity)

You were created ON purpose, with a purpose that God designed just for you! YOU! He spent time on you! Your hair, eyes, voice, feet, ears, fingers, toes…everything! He knew you before you were even born. He knew what steps you would take, where you would live, who your friends would be, what choices you would make, what career you would have. And he created your heart. Your heart was created to be soft, tender, gentle and loving. Not bitter, angry, resentful or guilty. (Let that sh*t go!)

This world is sad and hard enough as it is, why would I want to add to that? I want to make people feel better about themselves. I want them to leave a moment with me, feeling better. Why would you want to spend time with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself? Why would you want to spend time with someone who told you, you weren’t enough? Who told you that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself? That made you feel less than? Don’t do that to yourself! You deserve to have the best, most nurturing, loving, gentle and kind relationships. You are worth it. Even those people you follow on social media—make sure they are inspiring you, instead of draining you. I did a huge overhaul on my social media and didn’t realize how it really had affected me!

Life is too short to not surround yourselves with people that make you feel good. Check your heart, check your tribe. You are worthy of being loved for who your heart says you are. (because that’s who God says you are!)

Okay, so here’s a challenge for you today: pay it forward. Tell someone else they are worthy and loved. It will make you feel better about yourself, too.


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“Take Some Time to Dream,” John Mellencamp

“Good Life,” OneRepublic (in my top ten favorite songs)