New Year, New Decade!

Friends! Another year is coming to a close. A decade is coming to a close! There’s something about New Year’s that gets me super excited. It’s like opening a brand new journal full of blank pages, just ready to be written in with fresh ideas, lyrics, hopes, dreams, experiences, heartbreak, pain, love, joy…you get the point. I love setting new intentions for the year, and picking a word of the year.

Another thing I love to do is reflect on the year and what happened—good and bad. What can I improve on? What went well? What didn’t go well? Where did I feel the most pain? Where did I feel the most alive? Where did my heart jump for joy? And where did it break?

I will say this: 2019 was an incredible year. I learned so much about myself, life and everything in between. I found out who my true friends are, set some healthy boundaries, went out on some limbs and guess what? I didn’t die. I took chances and didn’t die. I traveled a lot this year, spoke out on bullying and suicide at two capitols, checked things off my bucket list, made new friends, strengthened my relationships with my friends, family and most of all-God.

When we start to reflect on all the things we’ve done, it’s so easy to say “Look at me! I did all of this!” But, if I’m being honest, God did it. I didn’t. He gave me the opportunities, the courage, the faith, the hope, the means to do it all. He lined it up for me. He put the people in my path. He gave me desires to do it. He gave me past experiences to speak about. He prepared me. I can’t take the credit, it goes to Him.

We aren’t here for ourselves. We are here for His glory, His kingdom. To use what He gave us for His glory, and His glory alone. Now, I’m not saying you can’t be proud of what you’ve accomplished—you absolutely can and you should! But, at the end of the day, it should go to Him.

I learned who I truly am, and what I truly deserve from myself, from my family, friends, etc. There’s something else I learned this year. You know the saying “you got this”? Can I just say-yuck? I hate that saying. You DON’T got this. None of us do. God has this. God has whatever we’re going through. Not you. Not me. God. When you say “I got this,” you are taking away God’s power. You are denying Him of His power and goodness. God died for you and me, so I think we can trust Him to handle whatever is coming at us.

This New Year, I hope you sit down, take stock of your life and where you want to be. Set intentions, goals, pick your word of the year but don’t forget to let God take control of it all. Pray over your new year. Ask Him to reveal His plans for you, in His time, and with his vision. You can do anything you want with Him. ANYTHING. Ask Him to show you your true identity, and say no to anything that isn’t that. Say no to pretending to fit in, like whatever someone else likes, act in a way so others accept you. You are already accepted, you already belong and you are already beautiful in His eyes. Once you believe that, you will be unstoppable.

Here’s to another year of growing together! Thanks for being along with me in this journey. I hope you all have a safe, beautiful and happy New Year.


What I’m listening to:

“New York,” Ed Sheeran

“I Lived,” One Republic

“Seventeen,” Sharon Van Etten

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