Social Distance, Close to God

Hey friends, how are you all doing? It would be kind of weird to not talk about what’s going on right now, even though to be honest, I don’t really want to. It seems like every conversation I have with someone almost always ends up being centered around what’s happening in the world right now. I mean, how can you not talk about it, right? How can you not be scared? Or sad? Or anxious? Or depressed? Or numb to it? Or all of the above and then some?

It kind of all feels like a bad dream. I’ve never experienced this feeling before; where I can be fine, and then all of the sudden I stop and think “wait, this isn’t real, right? This has to be fake.” It’s surreal and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

It’s hard to believe that this is our new normal and try to figure out what the other side of this is going to look like. How long will this last? What will the world look like when it’s over? Will it ever be over? I’ve had to turn off my news alerts on my phone and sign off of most social media. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely had my moments of complete breakdown—bawling, shaking, scared of what could happen. Missing those I love and not being able to be with them is probably the hardest thing about this for me right now.

Everyone keeps saying that they’re scared of what this world will look like after this. I really, truly believe that this world will be better. We have the capability to be more caring, more selfless, more giving, more compassionate, more gentle. I have seen unbelievers start praying and listening to Christian music. What the enemy meant for harm, God is going to use for good. We have the chance to slow down a bit. To need less material things. Spend less money. Eat what we have in the cupboard instead of going out to eat. To prioritize family time. To enjoy the little things like playing board games (Monopoly, anyone?!), play cards, watch movies, read, write, pray. There’s time to get in touch with ourselves, our hearts and dig deep into what’s really important.

I’ve tried to lean into this time and make the most of it. I’ve gotten to know people on a deeper level by opening up and being vulnerable. All the writing I’ve been able to do with minimal interruptions (welcome interruptions, obviously!) has really felt incredible. And, to be honest, I have never appreciated fresh air and a walk as much as I do right now!

Lean into this time however you feel like it. Whatever that looks like for you, whatever way brings you comfort. You don’t have to write a novel, or create something big. Just be. Connect with yourself and make sure you also connect with others over the phone. Talk to God. He’s there, waiting for you. He is so in love with you and is just craving time with you. As much as we need Him right now, He needs us. He needs us to be his messengers. This situation is not a surprise to Him. We have the choice in how we respond right now. We need to social distance, but we can be closer to God.

Stay safe and healthy friends. I am really glad we have each other.


What I’m listening to:

“Better Days,” One Republic
“Lovely,” Sara Haze
“Oceans,” Hillsong United


Be Together

Hey friends,

What a time in this world, huh? You can’t turn on the TV, radio or social media without feeling anxious and hearing about what’s going on. I am no expert on the topic, but I do know that this world doesn’t need another meme about it, or someone mocking someone because they’re afraid. If you’re afraid, you have every right to be. In my opinion (and it’s MY opinion, no one else’s), we need to be worried about this. If you’re younger, you might think “eh, if I get it, I’ll survive. It’s no big deal.” It IS a big deal. Why? Because if you have this, and you give it to someone, it could be someone who is older and not healthy enough to fight it off. We all need to be aware and take care of ourselves, not for ourselves, but for each other. Don’t be selfish and think it’s just people overreacting. I’m sorry, but I would hate myself if I were infected and instead of heading the warnings of isolating, I gave it to my parents who are older and have underlying health issues and something horrible happened to them. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Anyway, I’m hopping off of my soapbox now. Right now, we need kindness. We can all take this time of quarantine/isolation, and use it for something good. We can take this time to be creative! Start that project you’ve been meaning to start/finish. Get that canvas out and start that painting. Tune up your guitar and start writing. Take an online class. Learn to cook (I should probs do that, tbh). Do at-home workouts (because, going to the gym? no bueno). Send an encouraging email to someone. Pray for your friends and family who might be sick. Take time to read an encouraging book. Start a podcast. Listen to a podcast (hit me up if you need any true crimp recs). Facetime with people. Ask your elderly neighbor if they need anything, because they are the most vulnerable with this virus and can’t really go to the store. Send someone flowers. Send food delivery to a hospital for the nurses and doctors. Send supplies/food to an animal shelter. Dig deep into the Word and have some alone time with Him. Take a break from social media and do something nourishing. While it’s good to be informed as to what’s going on by reading about it and watching the news, you also need to take a break from it. Too much of it will do more harm than good. The Pastor at my Church recommended Psalm 91 to read. I encourage you to read it as well. I’ve been reading it a couple times a day and it calms me down, which is what my soul needs right now…and I’m guessing you could use some calm right now, too.

I don’t know how long this will last and I don’t know how bad it will get. What I do know is that we are all in this together, and we need to help each other now more than ever. Our older friends, families, neighbors, need US. I promise to try to be as uplifting as I can. If you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m not a trained counselor/therapist/healthcare provider. I do have a listening ear and just remember: we’re all in this together. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Stay safe and healthy, friends. We’ll get through this.


Day 30

Hey friends, guess what today is? Final day of our 30 day bucket list challenge! This, by all means, doesn’t mean that you have to stop today. I encourage you to keep going and live to your fullest! Regardless of how long you do this, finish the 30 day strong! Go out with a bang. And of course let me know what you did and how you’re feeling!

Lots of exciting things happening over here and can’t wait to bring you along on the ride.

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!