Good Friday

Hey friends! How are y’all doing? I, for one, am SO excited that it’s finally warming up outside. I love having the windows open and hearing birds chirping…and traffic, haha. Lots of traffic. But, I honestly love it!

Today is Good Friday, and I couldn’t let it pass by without acknowledging it on here. This is one of my favorite holiday weeks of the year. What makes Good Friday good? Jesus died for us. On the cross. He was made to walk to His death, carrying his own cross. And He did it for us. Willingly.

Let that sink in for a second. Between the time of Noon-3:00, is known as the time of darkness. That was when He was crucified; when He took his last breath and died for us. He literally thought that I was worth dying for. That YOU were worth dying for. It’s hard to fathom that, isn’t it? But it’s true!

Three days later, He rose up from the grave and kept His promise. This post is short (and grammatically incorrect, oops!), but I wanted to encourage you to take some time today to meditate on what this day means. With everything going on in the world right now, I hope you can carve out some time to put away distractions, turn off the news, TV, radio, put your phone away, and just drink in what happened on this day. Talk to Him, thank Him for what He did for us.

Good Friday always blows my mind and wrecks me. I hope it wrecks you, too…in the best way. Friday is here, but Sunday is coming.


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